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Our Services

  • Earthwork

    We are excited to introduce some of the latest technology to your jobsite when we show up to do earthwork. We run late model equipment with GPS equipage to bring your project to grade in…

  • Asphalt

    B4 Enterprises is dedicated to provide the utmost quality of workmanship when it comes to asphalt paving. We have invested time and money into our crew training and the purchase of sonar equipped paving equipment.…

  • Concrete

    We have a very motivated crew when it comes to our concrete work and we enjoy provide the perfect finish that will bring the customer back every time. We have invested thousands of dollars into…

  • Utilities

    We have a motivated employees that are dedicated and determined to install underground utilities in the safest and most expedited fashion. We have on hand excavators and trench shoring to install water, sewer, and storm…